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Reliable Delivery of the Solution

Our Experienced Leaders and Talent Proactively manage Delivery

We ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget, within scope, and to the best quality. Our exclusive focus design-building detention controls and integrated security systems as a company for 20-plus years. Our team applies its in depth knowledge on PLC-based controls, software design, code knowledge, estimating, budgeting, planning, subcontracting, and other skills to plan and implement your project. Our key employees bring 20-plus years of experience with our company in successfully field managing the integration of low-voltage detention electronics.

We have the experience and ability to manage projects for new constructions, retrofits and existing site conditions. Our install and service team are factory-trained in each of the primary systems for each of our projects, including PLCs, CCTV systems, and the intercom/paging system. Their knowledge and experience helps execute the plan into action.

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We Frequently Lead as Prime Contractor

Justice Systems has executed and managed over one hundred subcontracts for electrical rough-in, structured cabling and power distribution. We not only have the experience and licensing to be a general contractor, but we have the bonding capacity, management tools, project management, and sub-consultant / subcontractor relationship to perform multidisciplinary work beyond the electronics trade. Prime contract management is essential to ensuring efficiency and reducing risk. In the last 20 years of managing subcontractors, our proactive processes have ensured that not one has failed to complete its scope within the contract value, on schedule, and at an appropriate level of quality. 

We Minimize Downtown and Disruptions

Justice Systems strives to minimize disruptions to ongoing operations during install. Our “engineered cutover” approach minimizes downtime and disruptions during control, system and video upgrade projects. We work closely with our customers in scripting these details and sequencing to parallel operation with hot cutovers. We work within your security and escort policies and adhere to plan, so that you can plan around us.

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