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Our Portfolio

Engineering Integration

Justice Systems routinely helps plan projects for new construction and upgrades of which a sizable portion come to fruition. Our engineering credentials combined with our consulting and planning background can eliminate the cost and time of a formal design engineer and design phase.

Patricia H. Clark Children & Family Justice Center, Seattle, Washington

Design engineer and subcontractor for the security systems ($4 million) and court AV systems ($2 million) for this award-winning youth and family court services center. The $186-million center includes 10 juvenile-family courtrooms, a 112-bed secure juvenile facility, and a 16-bed transition unit.

Spokane County Jail Security Retrofit, Spokane, Washington

Design engineer and prime contractor for this $2-million remodel of central control, retrofit of integrated security systems, and fire protection controls update. Security systems included housing unit controls, horizontal movement controls, vertical movement controls, video surveillance, and intercom.

Wahiawa Civic Center, Wahiawa, Hawaii

Security, court AV, and telecommunications engineer for the design of this $50-million court and state office complex. The Civic Center includes two district courts, administration, a central holding area, and other court functions. The center was designed and oriented to provide a place of healing, peace, and comfort for the Wahiawa community.

Ronald T.Y. Moon Judiciary Courthouse & Secure Juvenile Facility, Kapolei, Hawaii

Security, court AV, and telecommunications engineer for the design of this $150-million court and secure juvenile complex. The center provides 12 non-jury courtrooms serving Oahu First District Family Court, one jury courtroom serving Waianae District Court, and 66 secure beds for youth undergoing judicial review.

Systems Upgrade – Jails & Mental Health

We have successfully design-built 70 security retrofit projects with a total construction value of $15 million, while integrating another 20 retrofit projects totaling $15 million. Ultimately, we know how to keep your facility operational and secure while we are upgrading it.

Calaveras County Jail & Sheriff’s Office, San Andreas, California

Design-build prime contractor for a $0.5-million security systems upgrade to this 160-bed jail and Sheriff’s administration facility, including an integrated 330-camera video surveillance system and 5-station detention control system. Also served as the security electronics subcontractor for a new, original construction in the facility.

Island County Jail, Coupeville, Washington

Design-build prime contractor for a $0.7-million security system upgrade to this 60-bed jail. We successfully migrated three separate camera systems into one, converted from analog to digital, upgraded to new controls software and hardware, and added cameras to cover blind spots.

Clallam County Jail, Port Angeles, Washington

Prime contractor for this $0.8-million controls, intercom, and paging upgrade to this 120-bed jail. Our subcontractors core-drilled for new intercoms, metal fabricated remote panel conversions, and roughed-in electrical modifications, including revising original underfloor cabling and conductors for code compliance.

Western State Hospital Forensic Center, Steilacoom, Washington

Design-build prime contractor for a phased, $0.5-million controls, intercom, paging, and music distribution upgrade to this 120-bed secure mental health facility. We modernized control consoles and ergonomics, upgraded to touchscreen controls with new PLCs, and replaced obsolete analog audio systems with digital.

Systems Upgrade – Adult & Juvenile Corrections

State agencies can often save time and effort by hiring Justice Systems straight from State contract. Agencies rely on our “open book” accounting under State contract for approximately $1 million of system retrofits and purchases annually.

Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution, Pendleton, Oregon

Prime contractor for a $4-million door controls upgrade at this 1,600-bed adult correctional facility. The 16-touchscreen, 1,000-door system replaces 1980s vintage hard panels and standalone PLCs with a fully-networked PLC system with transfer / takeover capabilities to Master Control.

Washington Corrections Center for Women, Gig Harbor, Washington

Design-build prime contractor and subcontractor for a series of upgrade projects totaling $1.0 million at this 740-bed female prison. Projects included upgrading and virtualizing control systems throughout the campus, integrating video switching with controls, upgrading analog audio systems to digital, and adding cameras and various controls.

Clallam Bay Corrections Center, Clallam Bay, Washington

Design-build prime contractor for a series of upgrade projects totaling $0.9 million for this 900-bed adult prison. Projects included the upgrade and virtualization of control systems throughout the campus, integration of video switching with controls, and the replacement and reconfiguration of various PLCs.

Island County Juvenile Facility & Superior Courts, Coupeville, Washington

Design-build prime contractor for a $0.4-million security systems upgrade, and video surveillance addition to the superior courts. Also served as security electronics subcontractor for a new, original construction of the juvenile facility.

Security Systems

As licensed general contractors, we successfully hire and manage subcontracts for the project  making us the single point of contact and responsibility. You no longer need to hire multiple contractors for a security system project.

Island County Coupeville Campus Security, Coupeville, Washington

Design-build for a 64-reader access control and panic alarm system for this courthouse and three County administration buildings totaling 250,000 GSF. Fulfilled prime contractor responsibilities, including electrical rough-in, new electrified door hardware, and storefront door replacements.

King County CFJC Parking Facility, Seattle, Washington

Design-build of $0.3-million security systems for this 360-car garage, including 40-camera video surveillance and 30-reader access controls for stairwell and perimeter doors, as well as elevator controls.

Camano Administration Facility, Camano Island, Washington

Design-build, unified video surveillance, access controls, and panic alarm system for new construction of this 40 GSF administration building and Sheriff’s station including nine cameras and 12 readers. In a later phase, we integrated this system with the Coupeville Campus system.

Oregon State Hospital Replacements, Salem and Johnson City, Oregon

Security subcontractor for new construction of these $3-million, PLC-based security controls and locating duress alarms for two mental health recovery facilities. The 620-bed Salem project entailed 850,000 GSF, while the 174-bed Johnson City project spanned 220,000 GSF.

Follow-On Service And Support

Approximately 70% of our clients retain our services for follow-on support and maintenance, with some relationships spanning up to 15 years. Our responsiveness and long-term commitment has resulted in providing $7 million in maintenance services since we first offered this service.

King County Detention Facilities Maintenance, Seattle, Washington

Contract maintenance services for three detention facilities totaling 2,742 beds. Scope involves maintenance of 52 control touchscreens and PLCs, 1,000+ cameras, 2,000+ intercoms, body alarm duress, and numerous other systems. Work entails remote support, ongoing task orders, two yearly preventative maintenance visits at each facility, and emergency on-call service

Washington Corrections Center for Women, Gig Harbor, Washington

On-call maintenance for this 740-bed female prison. Scope involves maintenance of 8 control touchscreens and PLCs, 350-camera video surveillance, and various access controls.

Klickitat County Jail, Goldendale, Washington

Contract maintenance for the upgraded detention control and intercom system at this 50-bed jail. Work entails remote support, two yearly preventative maintenance visits, and emergency on-call service.

Kern County Central Receiving Facility, Bakersfield, California

Annual contract maintenance for this 150-camera video surveillance system. Work entails remote support, preventative yearly maintenance visits, and emergency on-call service.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Our Testimonials

Justice Systems provided top-notch knowledge for our security and electronic door hardware installs for two County campuses encompassing eight buildings totaling 125,000 sq. ft., with a rare and welcoming hands-on approach from company executives. Communication between all staff members was and remains excellent.

Ryan Beach Facilities Director, Island County

From the start it was clear that Justice Systems understood our advanced security needs and concerns. Their team has exceptional knowledge of engineering-assistance services and were pro-active in troubleshooting for system failures. They kept to the scope of work, but were flexible with changes and still managed to keep to the original timeline and budget.

Edwin Reetz Facilities Manager, Clallam Bay Corrections Center

During the summer of 2020 Klickitat County advertised for an RFP for a new control system for the Klickitat County Jail. Five contractors submitted proposals and Justice Systems Corp. was selected for the project. Justice Systems was more precise than others in the areas of experience, technical competence, and project understanding.

Rick Milliren Facilities Director, Klickitat County Public Works

When the Clallam County Correction Facility needed to update and remodel our antiquated control room, Justice Systems came through with a solution to bring us into the 21st century. They were able to integrate and build a solution to allow a single employee to safely monitor and control our 120-bed linear-style facility.

Don Wenzl Chief Deputy, Clallam County Corrections Facility

A benefit to working with Justice Systems is their ongoing technical support when needed. They are a full-service vendor that not only help you design and install, but also offer follow up technical services. Their experience in the Corrections field sets them apart from other vendors and makes them our first choice for future projects.

Jose Briones Chief, Island County Corrections