Justice Systems Corporation

Why Choose Us?

Reliable Delivery of the Solution

Justice Systems is your Right Choice

We help initiate projects. With agencies being short-staffed, we help scope, plan, budget, and fund projects. We have helped initiate hundreds of projects — frequently at little or no cost to the agency.

You May Hire Us Directly Through State Contracts

Agencies in many states save time acquiring our services directly through state contract via a Participating Addenda with NASPO ValuePoint. Other states and agencies may join the Security & Fire Protection Services Master Agreement by executing a one-time Participating Addenda. Justice Systems is one of very few contractors for high-security control systems available through state contract.

Our Design-Build Process Reduces Project Schedule

Combining engineering credentials with our consulting and planning background can often eliminate the cost and time of a formal design engineer and design phase. Design-build saves an additional procurement phase when compared to traditional design/bid/build. Long-lead parts may be ordered and initial work may get underway while other details are being designed.

Hire Us To Be Your General Contractor For Systems Upgrades

There is no need to split up the project. As licensed general contractors, we have successfully hired and managed subcontracts for electrical rough-in, structured cabling, door hardware and door frames, metal work, concrete work, and minor remodeling. We have the bonding capacity, management tools, project management, and relationships to incorporate a project scope beyond the electronics trade. In our 20+ years of managing subcontractors, our proactive processes have ensured that not one of them failed to complete their scope within the contract value, on schedule, and at an appropriate level of quality.

You Will Have “Open Book” Control of Cost

Our cost controls assure on-budget performance. We frequently guarantee cost early in the design-build process.  Then we track the cost model throughout, so you always know the cost implications of scope decisions. We set allowances for subcontracts, apprise you of sub-bid results, and adjust the scope accordingly. From concept to completion, our “open book” process has managed the ultimate cost to within 5% of budget on projects as large as $6 million.

We Minimize Downtime and Disruption to Your Operations

Our “engineered cutover” approach minimizes downtime and disruptions during control, system and video upgrade projects. We work closely with our customers in scripting these details and sequencing to parallel operation with hot cutovers. We work within your security and escort policies and adhere to plan, so you can plan around us. In the end, we have successfully executed hundreds of critical security systems migration plans for our clients.

We Will Support Your System Long After Warranty

The result of Justice Systems’ services is a lasting, maintainable security system that will meet the agency’s needs for many years. We have steadfastly maintained, replaced, and upgraded systems we first designed or installed 20 years ago. Accordingly our continuity and long-term support maximizes uptime over a system’s years of operation and minimize future tear-out replacements due to obsolescence.